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Processing & Packaging

The company is registered and certified under seal with registration number; CS283892017 on 3rd November, 2017, it was entitled to commence business on the same registration date as per the attached certificates. 

EFIE Akoko

Feel the taste of BBC

After these broilers have been successfully reared and ready for Slaughter, Boris B’s Group has a subsidiary that can also participate in this very value-chain. Boris B’s Processing and Packaging Limited, a chicken processing and packaging business, have been in existence for the past 5 years serving its customers with excellent chicken products and processing services.

Fresh & Juicy

packaging in fresh state

Boris B’s Processing and Packaging Limited is duly licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drugs Board with Certificate numbers; ASHCU00230/20 and FDA-GH-70885110 respectively as attached

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